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Travelling During The School Holidays? A Quick Checklist

Travelling During The School Holidays? A Quick Checklist
Nazreen Tajul Arif

Can’t wait to travel during the school holidays? How do you cope with all the required planning? Should you get the kids involved with the planning? Should they be allowed to pack their own bags? Check out these tips to enjoy a fuss-free school holiday trip.

As the mid-term school holidays in Malaysia have begun, there are certainly lots to think about before going away for a family trip, Here are the main areas you ought to consider:

Wardrobe selection should be based on activities. For example, if you wish to take the kids for diving and snorkeling during the school holidays, consider bringing your own equipment or diving gear, if you have them.

However, as Tioman, Perhentian and Redang have many dive shops, you might want to rent heavy equipment instead  rather than packing your entire diving gear.

If you’re heading to beach destinations for the school holidays, bring along sunscreen, sunglasses, beach towels, hats and swim suits for you and the kids. Better still, let the kids pack their own bags, then monitor and screen the contents by taking out unnecessary things.

For example one favourite toy is enough for them to take along, there’s no need to pack a whole toy box.

Things to Do While Travelling
During the journey, keep your kids occupied with some road games. Some of more popular ones include “I Spy”, “Lets Count How Many..”, “Where’s Wally” and others. Or if you’re on the train, pick seats which are equipped with tables and play board games.

Otherwise, online video games on their iPads or laptops could be an answer to relieve boredom. Plan the seating arrangements so that the kids will not bicker on who gets to sit in front or beside which sibling.

Create a House Safety Checklist
Before going away for the school holidays, make a list of things that need to be turned off, like the electrical power and water supply. Remember to alert neighbours of your absence from home during the school holidays, give them your contact numbers in case of emergency like a break-in or fire.

Better still, inform the police on you being away from home, so they can patrol the area. Stop newspaper and milk deliveries. If supplies are left outside your front door unattended, it is a giveaway that you’re not at home.

Spend Time on Destination Planning
With so many destinations in Malaysia, there’s always a place in which the whole family to agree on. But what if your daughter wishes to visit a theme park and your son wants to go to an island?

So, it pays to spend extra time on planning your destination to suit your budget and convenience. Try to strike a balance between conflicting wishes by highlighting other school holiday travel options to the family.

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