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Malaysia in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2014

Malaysia in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2014
Kumara Velu

Malaysia is the only Asian country to be listed in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries to visit in 2014. Malaysia comes at number 10, after Brazil, Antartica, Scotland, Sweden, Malawi, Mexico, Seychelles, Belgium and Macedonia.

In its introduction to the selection of the these countries, Lonely Planet says, “These 10 countries are destined for an epic year, whether they’re hosting festivals, cutting the ribbon on new attractions or simply raising their game for travellers. Feast your eyes on 2014′s most unmissable destinations.”

The title for Malaysia’s listing, says: A revitalized Malaysia goes back to business.

Malaysia is set on attracting 28 million visitors in 2014 in conjunction with the Visit Malaysia Year. Lonely Planet certain attractions that would be a hit with visitors.

Melaka Bird Park

Melaka Bird Park listed as an important attraction in Malaysia

Chief among them is the largest bird park in Southeast Asia in Melaka, housing 6000 birds from 400 species. Then there is Legoland Malaysia and Hello Kitty theme parks which are expected to draw Singaporeans.

Sipadan Island

Island holiday in Sabah is a top recommendation

There is also mention of the second terminal at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport  (KLIA2) which would service the much-in-demand budget airline sector which would make travel affordable for many around the country.

Malaysian Borneo is also mentioned for off-the-beaten-track adventure travel with an emphasis on island holiday.

Lonely Planet also points out that cycle tourism is set to become a hit in Malaysia in the form of guided tours in Sabah. The proposal to build a bike path around the coast of Penang and plans to make cycling a community activity in Kuala Lumpur are expected to boost this mode of enjoying travel in Malaysia.

What’s your opinion on Malaysia’s listing on Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Countries to visit in 2014? Will it help bring more tourists to Malaysia. Share your thoughts


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