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Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang


VM Team By | Comments

Many people must be dreaming of going to Borneo. Located on the island of Borneo, this state which known as the land of the hornbills, is the largest state in Malaysia.

This amazing state is become one … Read MoreRead More

Miri’s Grand Old Lady : First Oil Well in Malaysia Beckons the Visitor

VM Team By | Comments

If you’re visiting Miri, you shouldn’t give Canada Hill the miss. Nicknamed the Grand Old Lady it’s is one of the better known attractions in Miri.

It’s the site of the first oil well in Malaysia. It … Read MoreRead More

Tumpik Lemantak Sarawak : Plain-Looking But Delicious Nonetheless

Azmil Pian By | Comments

Tumpik Lemantak or Pizza Kampong is the most popular food in Kampung Beladin, Sarawak and a favourite among Sarawakians.  Tumpik generally means pancake. Lemantak is the sago flour, which is processed from the ripo,obtained from the sago tree. So, … Read More

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Kuching: Is the ‘Cat City’ Turning into a Ghost Town?

TravelMakesMeTick By | Comments

Almost all the guidebooks and online information resources seem to describe Kuching as charming and relaxing, but to me it seemed more like a sleepy hollow by day, and ghost town by night. But then all is not lost … Read More

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Flower Power at Kuching Orchid Park : A Photo Essay

Azmil Pian By | Comments

Kuching Orchid Garden. built by the Kuching North City Hall ( DBKU ) aims to collect the various types of orchids available around the island of Borneo, particularly in the jungles of Sarawak.

The Orchid Garden was built in … Read More

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Niah National Park : Caving Adventure Unlimited

Muhamad Afif By | Comments

I have always wanted to explore Gua Niah, also known as Niah Caves (gua means caves) or Niah  National Park (I will just use the word Gua Niah). In my childhood days, I read about Gua Niah in my … Read More

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Kuching Cat Museum

VM Team By | Comments

The cat artefacts displayed in the Cat Museum were previously on show for the first time at National Museum, Kuala Lumpur, in 1987 as one of its gallery.

Later it was brought to Kuching (The Cat City) under the … Read More

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Proboscis Monkey

Kumara Velu By | Comments

By now you may have already known that the proboscis monkey has been made the official mascot for the Visit Malaysia Year 2014. As this creature will be in the limelight throughout the VMY, it pays to learn more … Read More

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Bako National Park Video Tour : A Glimpse into the Best of Borneo Wildlife

jeNaL othman By | Comments

The proboscis monkey, which now has the honour of being the official mascot for the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 is to be found here.  This monkey, mind you, could not be found anywhere else in the world except Borneo.

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