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Sarawak Bumi Kenyalang


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Many people must be dreaming of going to Borneo. Located on the island of Borneo, this state which known as the land of the hornbills, is the largest state in Malaysia.

This amazing state is become one … Read MoreRead More

How to Enjoy Bako National Park in Half a Day

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Looking for a dose of nature to neutralise the overdoes of concrete jungle, traffic congestion and excessive workload?

Taking refuge in the lap of Mother nature is the perfect antidote to recharging your batteries and return home with lifted … Read More

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Travel Bargains Coming to Sarawak this September

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If you’re in Sarawak and have been hunting for travel bargains, take heart.

You no longer have to complain that most of the big travel fairs are held in Kuala Lumpur.

For three days, from Sept 4 to Sept … Read More

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Asean International Film Festival and Awards Opens in Kuching

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The Asean International Film Festival and Awards kicks off in Kuching from April 9 to April 11, 2015.

The Festival organiser is expecting to see 287 film celebrities from 10 Asean countries participating in this much-acclaimed event.

Malaysia will … Read More

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Sarawak Set to Be a Major MyFest 2015 Player

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Sarawak is known the world over for its unsurpassable eco and cultural attractions.

So, it’s no wonder that up to 10 mega tourism events will be held next year in conjunction with Malaysia Year of Festivals (MyFest … Read MoreRead More

The Headhunter’s Trail : Tracking the Exploits of Ancient Warriors

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Filled with mystery and rich in history, the Headhunter’s Trail, is a fascinating and educating path to include while in Mulu as it marks an ancient passage once used by the Kayan, a tribe that originates from the Sarawak … Read MoreRead More

Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse : Natural Beauty and Culture Galore

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The Annah Rais Longhouse is an authentic Bidayuh Longhouse located in the hill slope region, about 60 kilometres from Kuching. This Bidayuh village in the district of Padawan, is accessible by road and it is the nearest native village … Read More

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Miri’s Grand Old Lady : First Oil Well in Malaysia Beckons the Visitor

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If you’re visiting Miri, you shouldn’t give Canada Hill the miss. Nicknamed the Grand Old Lady it’s is one of the better known attractions in Miri.

It’s the site of the first oil well in Malaysia. It … Read MoreRead More

Tumpik Lemantak Sarawak : Plain-Looking But Delicious Nonetheless

Azmil Pian By | Comments

Tumpik Lemantak or Pizza Kampong is the most popular food in Kampung Beladin, Sarawak and a favourite among Sarawakians.  Tumpik generally means pancake. Lemantak is the sago flour, which is processed from the ripo,obtained from the sago tree. So, … Read More

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